Hello dear visitors and fellow Archonerds (Im calling you guys Archonerds now. Its a thing. deal with it),

as of now, this whole social networking thing is really taking off (Facebook…am i right?), and we thought that keeping in touch with you on a regular basis can’t be a bad thing. So we decided to split the work and get as close to you as much as we can. Julian will cover Facebook, Jens will take on our Google+ Page and i will continue to work on this website. After seeing that the guys did such a ¬†marvelous job on their pages, i began to think that its time to get out of my comfort zone too. From now on i will write a blog, all music- and Archonaut related, publishing some thoughts every now and then.

I will also publish the story to our Debutalbum “Duchess” in a few days. We first wanted to keep it as mysterious as possible, but after many requests (i think it were 5, but cut us some slack here. The album is out for only 1 month), we found that the lyrics were far too cryptic to decipher and to understand what really is going on there, you kinda need the whole plot. It would be a shame if we’d let a good story go to waste because of general prog-rock cockiness, wouldnt it?


Later, Nerds.



For everyone too lazy to google it, here are the links to all the sites you can contact us: 

booking@archonaut-music.com (want us to play at your venue or houseparty. You are a band and want to play with us someday? Send us an email)

info@archonaut-music.com (Regular contact. You have a question? You get an answer)

Archonaut Facebook (Julian)

Archonaut Google+ (Jens)

Archonaut Blog (Maschuw  /give me a few more days)



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