Warriors of the metal (08/2015)

“The atmosphere makes you feel light, like floating…as if your bodyweight had left you and everything became deep, distant, emotional. A wonderful and inviting album, dreamlike as progressive rock must be”

Fast Forward Magazine (04/2015):

“Zusammen mit den sphärischen Instrumentalpassagen ist Archonaut eine tolle Gesamtleistung gelungen, das Album kann sich definitiv hören lassen.”

 Blackwindmetal.com (03/2015) :

Duchess is an album with a lot of things it does really well, you should check it out.”


justincaseradio.com (03/2015):

“I totally recommend ‘Duchess’ to all those who can enjoy a well structured album, with very good compositions, regardless if they are fans of Prog – Metal or not.”


Resenha do Rock (portugese) (04/2015):

“Resenhado Rock had the opportunity to listen to the album “Duchess” and rate it as excellent.”

From unknownmetalbands.com about our Nautilus EP back in 2013:

“Metal, Progressive Rock, Epic Masterpieces who cares! It sounds great so thumbs up guys.”


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