Drowning Men”

From riffs and terrace Ammonites frown

at figures maimed, of grotesque shape

the drowning men are raining down

Their bodies swollen, lifeless flotsam

a mothers tears can’t reach them here

with ankles tied, together, lonesome

The duchess cheering in delight

A sign of life beyond her reach

for she has never seen such sight

Up in spirals blind with joy

towards the source of dead men stream

For whats unknown, that can not cloy

And suddenly a shock a sting

an obscure light emerges there

a tiny grasp of precious things

between the drowning men she wails

loosing every sense of time

blinded, stiffed by solar tails

petrified shes sinking deep

to the abyss her given home

just like the drowning, endless sleep


Dim light from above the border

no sound is heard along the coast

a body floats beside the shore

and underneath the waves in awe

The crown made of Aragonite

the sirens breath will now be missed

her majesty, beside the shore

and underneath the waves in awe

Her Nails broken precious pearls

her eyes now dull and faded grey

with no pale skin left to adore

and underneath the waves in awe

for thousand years the tides will mourn

their duchess now forever lost

for far to long the waves in awe

and suddenly they were no more

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