Another year goes by as we go once more ’round the sun. We at Archonaut wish you and your families a merry Christmas.

Speaking of families. As of now we managed to complete two of them. Jens our dear and jolly vocalist now is not only the oldes fart in the band (40 years. seriously…), but also the oldes father in our merry group. His young boy Silas found its way to this earth 2 days agoand we welcome the daunting little hellraiser¬†with a warm “Hussah” and say to Jens “dont fuck it up, sucker!”.

We are also glad to announce, that we are finally complete as a group. His name is Nick, boheme and drummer extraordinaire, and already played the first two gigs with us. After a year long search for a drummer we finally can say that this band found new hights musically and personally as a group. Be prepared for an awesome year 2016!

I also found out that the rash on my lower leg is only a little rash and nothing serious and the doctor said it should go away if i stop scratching.

So three good news in one week!

Have a merry little christmas all you Archonerds out there.


Peace, love and understanding



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