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it is done. We played the first 4 gigs, and let me tell you…it felt great!

The first one we played (11.04. Propan) wasn’t of to a great start at first, due to the sheer lack of people. The whole thing was for free and we didn’t expected that much of a crowd. There also wasn’t that much of advertisement, except for good old Facebook, but twenty minutes before the gig we actually had nearly 25 people standing in front of us, which is pretty much the equivalent to a sold out show in any other location (The whole pub is as big as the average living room). We all were a little bit nervous, because we only played the set with the whole group twice, due to the fact that Julian decided to become a father one week before the first gigs (perfect timing as usual) and also because we played the first gigs with Felice and Chris, our new rhythm group. But boy, were we wrong…We started the set with “cavern” which is by the nature of being a 12 minute long song a general pain the the ass to play, but everything went better than expected. The boys in the back,  Felice and Chris grooved like they were playing together for years and Jens, Julian and me could finally play without worrying about, someone messing up a change or a part. As i said. It felt great.

The next Gig was at the WiWu, also in Wuppertal. Unlike the first Gig, where after some time we had a really decent crowd in front of us, we played in front of an empty pub. I think we had close to 20 people there, but this time the venue was much larger. Thankfully the folks were great at the WiWu and made us forget that we basically were doing an open rehearsal (Dont get me wrong. Me and the guys love playing live, regardless of the size of the audience, but truth be told, it stings a little bit to play in front of an almost empty room)

The last Gig of our “one Week mini tour” was at the movies (formerly cave Club) in cologne. The crowd was mainly our friends, plus some regulars but i think there were roughly 50 people in the club (sick 50 cent reference btw.) and we had a pretty darn good time.


Well, see for yourselves, here are two videos of our Gig at the WiWu on the 17,04. in Wuppertal.



The last march of the swarm


The next Gigs will be on the 27.06. in Solingen (playing first), so be sure to head over there to catch some quality prog rock.

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