There’s always a story!

A particular riff, a certain phrase, a special chorus. Each one of them have their own story. But the path to creating a song is always the same. At first the harmonies or riffs are taken as a basis. Maybe every now and then the vocal melody comes first…but whichever way you look at it: most of the time the lyrics or the story are integrated towards the end of the process. Arranged to fit in. Bowed to the song. So why not do it the other way around? Why not work out a story, a plot, and then create the music accordingly in order to accompany the story?

With their approach to song writing and their sound blending rock, metal and progressive the five musicians hope to take their audience on a musical journey. By the use of complex, partially spherical instrumental passages, interwoven guitar licks and narrative vocals Archonaut try to convey their stories not just through their lyrics but also through their music. Whether this is done in a radio-friendly format like “The last march of the swarm” or in their 12-minute opener “The cavern of many beings”, is irrelevant. All that counts is the song itself and the story it conveys.

Because there’s always a story to be told!

Archonaut are Jens Kipper (39, voc.), Sebastian Maschuw (28, Guit.), Julian Klotz (28, Guit.), Felice Puopolo (32, live musician Bass), Chris Jordan (24, live musician, Drums). They are currently playing their concept album “Duchess” (released January 2015) live.

After a collaborative project in 2013 founding members Maschuw and Kipper teamed up with Klotz who first played drums, but later switched to guitar. After some changes in the line-up and the release of their debut album “Duchess”, the three musicians decided to work with live musicians. They found Felice Puopolo, who studied music at the berclee college of music, for bass and studio technician and multi-instrumentalist Chris Jordan who had already partaken in the song writing for “Duchess”.


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